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TOPIC: He will barter a transaction with RuneScape

He will barter a transaction with RuneScape 1 month 3 weeks ago #35010

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Additionally on his 3rd type his body releases toxic fums which poisen you dealing 10 poisen and can only be healed with RuneScape gold anti inflammatory posisen. After you kill his 3rd form he'll drop two items, the sphere of darkness and Damis' remains, take them Both!!!!! After the two items are picked up 10 level-153 shadow warriors will look.

Run from the gate, the shadow warriors will follow, keep running till your up the ladder (Huge Note: A powerful aura lingers in the crypt, so you can not teleport .) The ladder will disappear. Imediatly lender the orb and corpse or else a level-653 vengful soul of Damis will attack you. After banking congradulations you've got one of those four orbs. Proceed to Ape Atoll and speak to Awowogei about the Spheres of all Orien.

He'll tell you that he is in posession of this Sphere of Smoke. Ask if you can have it and he will barter a transaction with you. Ask what it is and in response he will inform you he understands you're a human and he will grant you the sphere and the capability to become a person on his mighty island. Ask what you have to do, and he will inform you of an insane mage named Munju who's terrorizing the citizens of Marim. Become human and talk to him again.

Request whether his guards and warriors will strike and he will tell you no more. Request were Munju is located. He'll tell you Munju is situated in a cave under Marim. Go to the cave were the wall of fires is and there should be a ladder, then climb down it and then be prepared for an extremly hard agility program. With this course you should possess at least 65 agility. Make your way across the course and the ladder down. The Level-200 Munju will muster Level-350 Jungle Demons. Set to protect from magic and run them outside and start attacking Munju. The Demons will use smoke barrage and Munju will utilize smoke-quake. Smoke-quake will poisen for 15 damage and every barrage will poisen for 6 damage.

Beware as the Demons will heal Munju by casting a ground Wave on him that will hit on a blue splat and show anywhere from 20 and 50. When Munju expires the Demons will start meleeing you it's advised you take Munju's Staff and Remains, then kill every one of the Demon's as in the event that you teleport they'll throw smoke barrage and kill you. Require Munju's staff to Awowogei and he will provide you the world of smoke. Bank these imediatly or even the leve-653 vengeful spirit of buy RS gold Munju will attack you with smoke-barrage. Congradulations you now have among the spheres of Orien.
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